Domain Name Generators

There are literally thousands of pages that try to sell you domains by offering a basic search functionality. Whenever you are searching for a domain name for a new project you will eventually end up on one of those pages.

That is why I want to share with you the domain name generators that I really like that have prove to be helpful for me.

Domain Wheel

While Domain Wheel is very simple it offers a fresh take on searching for domains by offering a few sane choices based on a keyword.

Offers: .com .net .org .co .info


The strength of Naminum lies in appending pre or postfixes to your word and offering a quick check whether your name is still available. The major downside is that domains are not checked automatically for their availability.

Offers: .com


Another tool to append or prepend terms is Impossibility!. It is a good place if you need your domain to contain words only. Offers very quick .com availability checks.

Offers: .com

Notable Mentions

  • Wordoid - a nice English language word combinator
  • NameQL - only .com domains
  • Domain Knowledge - it’s always helpful to just explore the domain that you are placing your project in. So a terms directory or glossary can help identify words that you did not know before.